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Baseband Mirror MD5 Downloads
d80010d (JB) (BudgetVM) (pCloud) a7b2839f0cdd6fbfd5d6917a26541fc6 755
d80020c (KK) (BudgetVM) (pCloud) 5dfebc87b3470a0dade6c167e4d4c0f3 6792
d80020y (KK) (BudgetVM) (pCloud) ee2b9fb0e36046614699b88759c84bf0 6190
(Bump LP)*
(BudgetVM) (pCloud) 0f5281d268f437923e467648f27cce7d 5643
(Stock LP)**
(BudgetVM) (pCloud) cfd329dc1710fba3bb52afc1115876d2 1191
* To use unofficial lollipop ROM, you need modified boot stack.
Bump Lollipop bootloader has lollipop partitions with KK-20y aboot.

** Do not use Stock LP if you do not know what you're doing,
you will most likely brick!!!

ROM (Type) Mirror MD5 Downloads
d80110c (JB)
(BudgetVM) (pCloud) d8ac4d56bf7231afd1a7525247687682 1846
d80120e (KK) (BudgetVM) (pCloud) 4b8a656146109cf09d7f61173f728255 2783

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