blastagator's TWRP Version 3.1.0-1
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Now CM-14.1 based!

Model Mirror MD5 Downloads
d800 (BudgetVM) (pCloud) 2153a5ef9e2fb66ca55dd08e843414e2 2695
d801 (BudgetVM) (pCloud) 4ad1e19f69c73ab80e79001d1166cb40 1208
d802/5/6 (BudgetVM) (pCloud) aaaaefb71c9f6eae5a05a15dba45e9c1 23111
d803 (BudgetVM) (pCloud) 585f5c866ff62d2d224449092adcad3e 758
f320* (BudgetVM) (pCloud) 9a2a0f1d6fa9f0239571b032e3efde7d 3724
l01f (BudgetVM) (pCloud) e55c822cfcb152fc26691da85e67a2a2 1672
lgl22 (BudgetVM) (pCloud) 13712e34064f03d2fa457b73d397744c 763
ls980 (BudgetVM) (pCloud) 2923c63ba3ad958a49227e118168e4a2 2612
vs980 (BudgetVM) (pCloud) 73364a2b54e7169f25f72d0ed8555c2c 2242

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